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  • testSelector string CSS selector to test
  • targetSelector string CSS selector of the element to check
  • userOptions (optional, default {})
  • options Object Additional options
    • options.scope string Nests provided scope within parent’s scope
    • options.resetScope boolean Override parent’s scope
    • number Reduce the set of matched elements to the one at the specified index
    • options.multiple boolean If set, the function will return an array of values
    • options.testContainer string Context where to search elements in the DOM


// <input type="checkbox" checked="checked">
// <input type="checkbox" checked>

import { create, is } from 'ember-cli-page-object';

const page = create({
  areInputsChecked: is(':checked', 'input', { multiple: true })

assert.equal(page.areInputsChecked, true, 'Inputs are checked');
// <button class="toggle-button active" disabled>Toggle something</button>

import { create, is } from 'ember-cli-page-object';

const page = create({
  isToggleButtonActive: is('.active:disabled', '.toggle-button')

assert.equal(page.isToggleButtonActive, true, 'Button is active');
  • Throws any Will throw an error if no element matches selector
  • Throws any Will throw an error if multiple elements are matched by selector and multiple option is not set

Returns Descriptor