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Creates a Descriptor whose value is determined by the passed-in function. The passed-in function must not be bound and must not be an arrow function, as this would prevent it from running with the correct context.


  • fn Function determines what value is returned when the Descriptor is accessed


// <input type="text">
// <button disabled>Submit</button>

import { create, value, property } from 'ember-cli-page-object';
import { getter } from 'ember-cli-page-object/macros';

const page = create({
  inputValue: value('input'),
  isSubmitButtonDisabled: property('disabled', 'button'),

  // with the `getter` macro
  isFormEmpty: getter(function() {
    return !this.inputValue && this.isSubmitButtonDisabled;

  // without the `getter` macro
  _isFormEmpty: {
    isDescriptor: true,
    get() {
      return !this.inputValue && this.isSubmitButtonDisabled;

// checks the value returned by the function passed into `getter`
  • Throws any Will throw an error if a function is not passed in as the first argument

Returns Descriptor